Water Damage Cleaning

Water damage can occur anytime and the after effects can prolong for a long time. It becomes traumatizing to see your house in such a state and then the pressure of cleaning tolls up. Cleaning house, especially carpets after a water damage becomes impossible without a professional help. Water damage can be caused due to rainwater, accidental overflow of sink and bathroom and of course floods. If carpet are not completely cleaned and dried, there may be further m=damage due to mold and mildew.

The excessive moisture in your carpets can lead to

  • Growth of mold and bacteria
  • Lower home air quality
  • Lead to cracks and destroy the structural support
  • Heavy expense

This is the reason you need a professional help to take care of your floors and carpets after a water damage. The GSB tile cleaners bring for you the Water damage cleaning Perth whose trained men are fully equipped in restoring your water damaged carpets.

Our process of water damage restoration of carpets

  • Immediate visit – We respond to your call immediately so that you do not have to stay in that unhealthy environment.
  • Removal of contaminated – The quick removal of all the flooded or contaminated water is important otherwise the water will lead to mold growth and that will spoil the fabric of the carpet completely. We use powerful industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to remove large quantities of moisture.
  • Drying of the unventilated areas – The underneath of the carper needs intense water removal. These areas have to be properly dried otherwise the mold set there will cause unwanted odor and discoloration of the carpet. The air dryers are places underneath the carpet before it us re-laid which helps in the drying of the cement or the wooden floor that it will be laid upon. After all this process is done, the carpets are re-laid.

After this we take care of the carpet fibers, for which the GSB tile cleaners have the professional carpet cleaners do the soil extraction and deodorize the carpet.

For the complete restoration and care of the carpets we follow these methods

  • Vacuuming – This process is not any usual vacuuming that you do regularly. Our cleaning process is clinical and we use ultra-powerful vacuum cleaners which are capable of removing the finest soils that may be stuck to the carpet fibers.
  • Stain removal – The carpet repair of Perth then spray the carpets with environment friendly biodegradable detergents and then use rotary scrubber to agitate detergents in the fibers. This help in the breakdown of the heavy soil and also the stains and the spots that lay on the carpet.
  • Moisture Extraction – After the detergents are cleaned we get on to the drying and the moisture extraction from the carpets.
  • Grooming – Once the carpet is dry, it is the turn to make it look nice and presentable. We have grooming brush which is used to comb the carpet fibers.

After the cleaning process is done, we add protectants to the carpet which will prevent staining and soiling to a great extent. This will increase the life span of your carpets and also make carpet cleaning an easier process.

We, GSB cleaners offer quality service with experienced professionals who can deliver with their high potential. Apart from cleaning, they do give valuable tips and suggestion to maintain your carpets from water damages.

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