Tile Cleaning

Cleaning grout lines is not an easy job and so we at GSB Carpet have been doing several jobs where homeowners initially started the work themselves but realised later how big and tedious the task is and thus handed over the task to our tile cleaning professionals. Out team of trained pros are not only experts in making your tiles shine but also cleaning those hard to reach grime that are buried deep in the grout lines. We have the equipment, expertise, right products and know-how ensuring that your hard floor gets the lustre that they deserve.

We work with both commercial and residential clients. Our clients include small homes to big hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, shops, car dealer showrooms and more. In fact, larger the areas & commercial premises, the cheaper would it become to clean the tiles. The areas that can benefit from our service are bathrooms, family rooms, laundries, patios, kitchens, pool surrounds and driveways.

Benefits of our tile and grout cleaning services


  • Our technicians are trained & have the know-how to give you the best results for your tiles
  • We treat both natural and man-made tiles
  • We are confident of what we do and offer 14+ day guarantee on our job
  • Our grout would have a clean look and the method removes built-up grime & bacteria.
  • The technicians conduct a demonstration to show you what results our tile cleaning specialists can offer you.
  • GSB Carpet has the experience and know-how in providing impressive results in a consistent manner.

We offer our professional tile and grout cleaning services in Perth. So, if you are in need of a tile cleaner, get in touch with us.

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A neatly maintained building is an important asset to every organization. It reflects who you are and influences how your customers perceive you.