Rug Cleaning

Rugs are extremely delicate and precious piece of fabric and unlike other fabrics these cannot be handled any way. Rugs are usually adorned with intricate designs and are hand crafted. Rugs are commonly used to decorate house flooring and has been the favorites of many. There are different kinds of rugs available and used by people in their homes and a fact associated with rugs is that maintaining them is not easy as they become old.

Rugs are used on the floors and this is why they are even more prone to foot traffic, dust, soil, and invisible dirt. All these can cause a lot of damage to your beautiful rugs and its fibers. Cleaning and washing of these can get very difficult and with time rugs do need professional help. It is highly recommended that you should get your rugs professional cleaning and repair as soon as you find them to be dirty. For this purpose, the GSB tile cleaners bring to you the Rug cleaning Perth who will take care of your rug and get them back to nice and clean appearance.

Why Us ?

Well there are many reasons that you should choose us, the rug cleaners Perth. We have all trained men and equipment with which we take care of your worn out rug, torn rug, dirty rug and repair minor fringe to reweaving of large holes in your rugs. We offer all these services at a reasonable price.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Treating large rugs might take few hours depending on the damaged that has been caused to the rug. We, the GSB tile cleaners follow the following process to clean, repair and restore your rugs.

Inspecting the rug for damages – We first check your rugs fabric to see its quality and the type of cleaning that it needs. We check the color and the fabric for any worn our parts so that every part can be taken care of.

Vacuuming of dry soil – After inspection we vacuum clean all the dry and loose soil and dirt form the rug. After which gentle agitator with a cleansing agent is used to loosen the soil that is stuck to the fabric of the rug and suspend them. This process is reaped several times to ensure that all the dirt is removed. Some rugs are also submerged in water and cleaning agent to remove and remaining debris. The steam cleaners Perth make sure that the rug is free of all stains.

Drying the rug – Drying the rugs is the next step in the cleaning process of your rugs. Rugs have to be dried carefully so that no moisture is left behind because moisture can cause molds which will damage the rug fabric. Our mattress cleaners Perth make sure that all the moisture is removed. We use special high suction vacuums to remove large quantities. If needed we use a centrifuge for bulky rugs.

After cleaning is completed our cleaning experts will check of other damages like torn pieces and repair them. We also apply a protector to the rug and give you valuable tips for the future maintenance of your rugs.

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